Pascal Listing

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The Pascal Listing menu item shows the total resulting source program for the project.

The beginning of a listing looks like this:

This source listing includes programming expressed in text, blocks, software packages, and additional programming generated by Snap2Motion to sustain display operation and events. This listing is useful for doing global searches throughout the entire project. Note that this is just a listing, Changes made to the program here have no effect on the actual project.

There are some cases where compiler problems are indicated by line number rather than in the programming context of a block workpage or text editor. If an error is indicated in "source.aut" at a certain line and row number then consult the pascal listing to see the problem and gain insight. Errors reported in this way usually have to do with improper naming (i.e. text programming and using a procedure name that has spaces). Note that the problem might be on a line above or below the one indicated.