Set Current To


<axis> AMP <value>


Set Current To sets the maximum phase current for internal stepper motor drives. Instrumentation monitoring the current of an internal drive set to 2 amps during very slow rotation of the motor would measure the current going up to 2 amps, diminishing down to -2 amps, and then increasing back to 2 amps sinusoidally. Note the current specifications on the motor data sheet. If the current specification is RMS then command parameter should be the RMS specification * 1.4. Excessive current can overheat a motor and not produce any torque improvement if the magnetics saturate. Insufficient current may not provide sufficient torque. Current management policies such as current cutback and current ramping can be implemented as tasks.


Set Current To does not generate any escapes. If the requested current is above available current the maximum available current will be used.


The following command sets the current for axis 1 and starts a move:

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