Begin Move To

Modbus Motion Interface



Begin Move To initiates an absolute coordinated move to the specified position parameters but does not wait for the move to finish before continuing. The method requires as many parameters as the dimension of the axis group. A single axis has one parameter. A group with 3 axes requires 3 parameters. The motion is performed with a trapezoidal velocity profile based on parameters set with the Accel , Decel , and Speed _BLOCKs. These parameters apply to the vector path motion of the coordinated group rather than to any particular axis. Begin Move To is a nonblocking command. Execution continues immediately allowing other actions to be performed while the motion is occurring. It is often necessary at some point to wait for the motion to finish which is accomplished with the Move Is Finished command. Begin Move To can be used on an axis that is already in motion. The target will be changed to the new destination. The Begin Stop and Abort commands will end the motion before it reaches the target position.


Begin Move To will produce an Axis Is Busy Escape Code if a coordinated group is already in motion.

A single axis can be directed to a new destination while in motion as long as the destination is still ahead of the current position in the current direction of travel and obtainable with the current decel setting. If not a Motion Overrun Escape Code will occur.

If the destination of the move is beyond the positive and negative software limits, the Begin Move To block will produce a Position Limit Escape Code.


The followiong operation moves axis 1 to the absolute coordinate 25.2 user units"


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