Controller Preparation

Controller Preparation for a Specific Method of Use

For methods of use besides Snap2Motion and MotionLib it is necessary to place in the controller an application program that responds to that method. From a blank Snap2Motion project click the green "Play" button and run an empty application. This establishes a connection and Snap2Motion is aware of what controller it is connected to. Once Snap2Motion recognizes the controller the resources it provides will be specific to that controller. After connecting select "File | Open Resources..."

Open the "Methods Of Use" folder and identify the method you would like to use. In some cases a single project contains a number of transport alternatives, such as Modbus supporting Ethernet TCP/IP as well as serial RTU. Examine the opening page of the project for additional information regarding application configuration.

After opening the project press the "Play" button:"

After the status to the right of "Play" indicates "Running" the project is ready to be saved. Press the red stop button:

From the file menu select "Save In Controller..." to make the program resident and the default program that runs when the controller is power cycled.

This process should conclude by confirmation that the save is complete:

Power down the controller and prepare for wiring.