Sample Rate


SPR <value in Hz>


The Sample Rate command sets and queries the Sample Rate of the controller. The sample rate is typically 1000 Hz with a discrete time period of 1000 microseconds. Every on-board task runs every sample period. The sample rate can be changed, although it is recommended this value not be changed unless explicitly recommended by technical support. Even though the sample rate can be changed during program execution it is recommended that it be set once during initialization and that all speed and acceleration settings be made after the sample rate has been set. Changing the sample rate after Speed and Accel settings have been established can result in distorted speeds and accels. To avoid this issue it is best and simplest to choose the sample rate from the drop-down list on the Setup Tab:


If the sample rate is set to greater than 8 kHz a Parameter Out Of Range Escape Code will occur.


The following list of commands sets, and inspects, the controller sample rate:

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