Profile Phase

C Definition

long dms_ProfilePhase(long NodeNumber; long AxisNumber)

Pascal Definition

function dms_ProfilePhase(NodeNumber:longint; AxisNumber:longint):longint;


Profile Phase indicates if the trapezoidal motion profile is in the Accel phase (value 1), the Slew phase (value 2) the Decel phase (value 3), or no longer moving (value 0). This is used to identify transition points in the profile and perform operations at those transitions. Note that the Profile Phase function can indicate if the motor is moving or not without a delay. The Move Is Finished command includes a built in yield which delays the answer by a controller sample period. The Profile Phase command can answer the same question immediately by comparing Profile Phase to 0.

Note that the EscapeResult parameter must be preset to 0 before making the call or the routine will not run


Profile Phase does not generate any escapes.

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